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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update --Merit Pay Notification Email

I've received the email that was sent out to the Merit Pay eligible instructional personnel in the Escambia County School District. Here it is:

> >>> Keith Leonard
> 08/29/08 12:16 PM
> >>>
> To: Employees who participated in the Merit Award Plan
> As you may recall, the Escambia County School District is
> participating in the Merit Award Plan (MAP). It is
> anticipated that the dissemination of those funds will be on
> September 15, 2008.
> Teachers can access their MAP results using the current
> (Merit Award Plan) link provided on the Evaluation Services
> secure web site. Teachers are only allowed to view their
> individual results. The link is provided below:
> Your logon credentials for the secure site were originally
> set as follows:
> . This is also the same as your
> XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Some employees have a number added to the
> end to assure uniqueness.
> Password = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Some users have
> previously changed their password, using the provided on-
> line utility. In such cases, their password may be
> different.
> If you have problems with the logon process please contact
> Evaluation Services. Email preferred.
> June Johnson, Raymond Bell, Malcolm Thomas
> Keith Leonard
> School District of Escambia County
> Director Of Human Resources
> 850- 469- 6166
> Please take a moment to help Human Resource Services better
> serve you.

I've run into opposition from some who have contacted me because I've posted information about the Merit Pay Plan on my blog. Contrary to what I was told would happen, the district leadership has chosen not to highlight this accomplishment, and this is disappointing. Being one of only a handful of counties statewide who were able to get this done is a big deal. I understand that, regardless of who has endorsed the Merit Award Program, there remains a significant undercurrent of disdain for this plan. I am proud of this plan, I believe in merit pay for teachers, and I look forward to improving the local program and paying these awards out next year, and the next year, for many years to come. I know that Escambia County took a leadership position statewide by stepping forward and navigating the gauntlet to get this done.

Congratulations to the recipients!

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