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Monday, October 13, 2008

Congressman Jeff Miller Visits Jim Bailey Middle School

Congressman Jeff Miller paid a visit to Jim Bailey Middle School this afternoon. He spent some time with Mrs. Karen Yudiski's 8th grade American History class, where he answered questions from the class members on a wide range of topics. Representative Miller also gave the class an impromptu civics lesson on the three branches of government. The students were receptive, polite, and very interested in the current presidential campaign; many of the students asked about this election and Congressman Miller responded to all questions. Some of the interesting topics covered during the question and answer session were:

--Security arrangements when U.S. Congressmen visit Afghanistan and Iraq(Rep Miller has been to Afghanistan 5 times and Iraq 8 times)

--The layout and interesting features of Air Force One (Congressman Miller has flown on this plane on a few occasions as he has traveled with President George Bush)

--Who congressman Miller supports for President of the United States and why

--Who Congressman Miller's opponent is in the upcoming Congressional election

--How laws are written and the use of the veto by the President

After the initial class visit, Dr. Judy Pippen and her staff at Bailey Middle hosted a luncheon for the Congressman in the school's cafeteria. Congressman Miller sat at the faculty table and answered questions from teachers, media, and students while the entire table enjoyed our lunch of meatloaf, green beans, baked potato, roll and cake.

Thanks to Congressman Jeff Miller for taking the time to visit our District 1 school. Big thanks also are in order for Mrs. Yudiski, Dr. Pippen, and the cafeteria staff at Bailey for hosting this event. The visit by Congressman Miller made an obvious impact on the students and they clearly enjoyed having him in their class.

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