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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Potential Response to Pubic Records Request from Joel Chandler of Polk County

An excellent response to the recent public records request from Mr. Joel Chandler of Polk County is in the works. I'm told that the response may be sent out as early as Monday. Mr Chandler, fresh off of his circuit court victory in his public records request in Polk County, has requested of the Escambia County School District the following:

The public records regarding the health insurance policy of the Escambia County School District and the name, addresses, gender, age, title, and telephone number of employees and dependents covered by the policy.

Many within the district are apprehensive about providing this requested information to this individual, Joel Chandler. I share this concern. Our Board attorney will be sending the district response once it has been approved by the Superintendent, which should delay the dissemination of the information for at least a few weeks. Our draft response will request of Mr. Chandler a deposit of several thousand dollars prior to the district staff beginning the process of going through all of the records to separate those that are exempted from those that are not.
It is my understanding that this records separation process will be an extremely tedious, labor intensive effort.

Hopefully, our local media will pick up on this story, because it is important and relevant. Also, I hope that the media will look into the background of the individual who is making the request for detailed information from our district employees and their dependents.

I have been forwarded a public record that exists on this individual. This public record is available on the Hillsborough County clerk of the courts website, and a detailed analysis of this individual's record ought to be undertaken, in my opinion, prior to the release of any sensitive information to this person regarding names, ages, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. A link to Mr. Chandler's Public Record is here:

The thing about public records is that they cut both directions; If you want information from us, we are entitled to look up information about you.

But I want even more information on THIS person before ANY information is sent to him from us regarding Escambia County School District Employees and their Dependents.

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