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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Carver Century Public Hearing Held Tonight

Roughly 100 Century Residents came to a special board meeting this evening held at Carver Century K-8 School. The purpose of this meeting was for the board to hear from the local community regarding the potential closure of Carver Century. The Superintendent made a brief, 10 minute presentation about the reasons why he felt the need to recommend closure of this facility to the board.

After the Superintendent's presentation, 20 Speakers came to the microphone to express their feelings about the closure. Every single speaker asked the board and Superintendent to not close this school, to find another way to save money that would spare the Century community the closure of it's last remaining school.

Each board member was then offered the opportunity to address the crowd, and each member spent a few moments addressing the closure issue and the comments from the community members. I was pleased with the large group of community members that chose to attend this public hearing, and I was especially thankful that, with only a few minor exceptions, the assembled group was courteous and respectful to the Board and Superintendent.

Update 3-6

North Escambia.Com has an excellent article and picture gallery from last night's meeting at the following link:

I just wish the operators of would go countywide--they would give Pensacola residents more online news choices other than just the current monopoly holder,the PNJ.

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