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Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 Student of the Year

Tonight the Escambia County School District honored the Students of the Year at a special event held at N.B. Cook Elementary School.

64 Students were honored this evening for being their schools' choice for student of the year.

What I like about this ceremony is that it is an event that shows just how strong our students are; Often times the students that are chosen have gone through tremendous life challenges prior to being selected student of the year. In spite of these (in many cases) horrific circumstances, these selected students have shown they can still achieve great things in their academic lives.

Loss (death) of siblings, loss (death) of fathers, loss (death) of mother, loss (deaths) of both mother and father, debilitating disability or disease, trying family circumstances--these are just some of the adversities these children have faced and overcome.

This event serves to inspire hope for all that attend--and this event teaches adults in attendance that children are strong, resilient, and can overcome.

Many thanks go out to the gracious sponsors of this year's event:

Escambia County Council of PTAs and PTSAs

Baptist Hospital

The Foundation For Excellence in Education

Stone's Studio

Plant and Flower Boutique

N.B. Cook Elementary School

I look forward to this event next year-this is truly a wonderful event!

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