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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Meeting(s) Thoughts

Three meetings were held yesterday with Board Members attending—one of which was very important with lots of information disseminated.

The important meeting was held on Tuesday just before lunch in the B.T. Washington H.S. auditorium and was essentially a recap of the legislative session by our consultant/lobbyist, Mr. Jim Hamilton of Mixon and Associates. Plenty of Budget and other data was presented, and I’ll link that information here

A Budget meeting was held at 4PM which was essentially a 5 minute discussion of the latest budget projection. Nothing very surprising about this meeting.

At 5:30, the board convened the regular monthly meeting, and all items were approved unanimously, with the exception of item # 28 from purchasing which I discussed at length here. I tried in vain to get my fellow board members to allow for some additional time to approve this item—so that the issue could be researched a little more. I was shot down and the measure passed by a 4-1 vote, with me voting “no”.

Several changes were made to the regular meeting agenda at the table, with numerous items pulled due to typographical errors. These items will be brought back at next month’s meeting, and the expectation is that all of these items will be approved.

On Thursday of this week, all five board members and the Superintendent will be in Tampa, Florida, to receive our Master Board Training Certification—a culmination of several sessions of training over the last 15 months completed by all sitting board members and the Superintendent. Of 67 school districts in Florida, I’m told only about a dozen will be receiving this distinction.

I’ll post the exact number to this blog when I find out what the number is.

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