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Friday, September 17, 2010

Andy Marlette Manipulation

PNJ Cartoonist Andy Marlette is very talented and often his cartoons can be manipulated to fit a different scenario.  Case in point-yesterday's edition was a play on Rick Scott, showing Alex Sink as a police woman, stopping Rick Scott (Sink received the PBA endorsement)

Okay, that was funny. 

But the same cartoon can be manipulated to be a Play on the Amendment 8 issue.  Andy Ford, president of the FEA and Rick Scott look similar enough that I can add a scruffy moustache and beard and some glasses to the character in the above cartoon and turn Rick Scott into Andy Ford, and change the whole nature of the cartoon to make it a play of Alex Sink against the Florida Education Association.

Presto!-Marlette Manipulation

(FEA has endorsed Alex Sink for Governor, but FEA strongly opposes Amendment 8.  Alex Sink supports Amendment 8)


Anonymous said...

Andy Ford has more of a turkey gobbler neck than what is drawn in the cartoon

Don Lee said...

Coming to this late, I know ... but you cheerfully brag about twisting someone else's words -- or, in this case, pictures -- to reflect something they did not say, while leaving that person's name up to suggest they said what you said. Not the sort of ethics I'd want in a public official. Were I Marlette, my next cartoon would have been about your lack of ethics.

Anonymous said...


Seems you ruffled some one's feathers. Don Lee wants to limit your rights to free speech and parody, but he loves Bill Maher and his satire. Too bad don won't get his way, as the PNJ won't give you any play, as that gives you access to their market share, small as it is. Keep your sense of humor.
Stan Lee

Jeff Bergosh said...

Don Lee-Please see the above case to understand what the SCOTUS says. Maybe they got it wrong and you, Don Lee, have it right? Uh, I don't think so. Also, perhaps come out from under a rock and watch an episonde of SNL. Newsflash for you: When they parody a product, like, say, "Fox News", they use the name "Fox News" Fair use+parody=legal. Also, Never question my ethics, you don't know me.