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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects FEA Challenge to Amendment 8

Taxpayers 2    Union  0

This is another win for taxpayers, students, parents, school boards, and superintendents. 
Amendment 8 will be on the ballot and the votes will count.  First the union lost in circuit court, now their weak argument has been unanimously rebuked by the Florida Supreme Court.
Now we have to get 60% to say yes to 8 on November 2nd to make it
Taxpayers  3   Union  0

From the Miami Herald

“The Florida Supreme Court has rejected a teachers union's challenge to a ballot issue that would loosen the state's class size limits. The unanimous ruling came Thursday, just a day after the justices heard oral argument on Amendment 8. They ruled its ballot summary accurately describes what the Legislature's proposed state constitutional amendment would do. “

Full article here

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