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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Class Size Penalties--Who were the Winners, Who are the Losers?

The figures are out as of this morning--those districts that did what was necessary to comply with the class size ammendment will be rewarded with additional funds from districts that did not comply.

But the question now becomes the following--which was the right play?

A.  Spending tons of money to comply in order to receive a fraction of the spent money back as a reward for being in "compliance"?

B.  Spending as little as possible, saving millions of dollars, and paying a fraction of what was not spent in penalties for not being in "compliance"?


Duh said...

spend the least and save the most the one with most moneyin the pocket at the end is the winner

Jeff Bergosh said...

Maybe that is correct, "Duh" but it does not seem right that many districts did not follow the law, saved millions by not doing what they were mandated to do, and will not be held responsible for violating the law. It's not right. Constitutional officers should uphold the law and if they willfully disobey they should be held to account for that. We can't pick and choose which laws we're going to obey.