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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A.A. Dixon Charter School On 30 Day Notice

The Escambia Shool Board tonight approved an amendment to the charter for A.A. Dixon Charter School.

This school has had numerous issues during their first school year, to include earning an "F" letter grade and ending the fiscal year over $100,000.00 in the red.

In addition to these issues, A.A. Dixon violated the original contract with the school board, in my opinion, in several instances including failing to immediately notice the board when they carried a negative fund balance.

My intention at tonight's meeting was to make a motion to strike the amendment to the charter and insert language immediately terminating the charter--as I believe the original contract would support this action given the multiple instances of non-compliance by A.A. Dixon.

As I listened to my fellow board members discuss the issue, I realized I would not have three votes to close Dixon tonigh-so I chose not to make the motion.

I instead voted no on the amendment, expressing my opinion that the amendment giving the school a corrective action period did not go far enough.

I do not believe this school will survive financially or academically.

I hope they are able to prove me wrong


Anonymous said...

When did education become a competition? We all need to work together. State of the art is only a part of education. All schools can't be state of the art. There are many components that make a successful school. Let's all do the best we can for all students. I'm praying that A.A. Dixon proves you wrong.

Jeff Bergosh said...

..It's not a competition per se, however parents rightfully want to have their children attend the very best school possible--and that is where charter schools, when administered properly, can and do play an important role. The fiasco with A.A. Dixon gives good charter schools a bad rap--and that's not fair. Because I have been so outspoken in my support for charter schools, I take these financial and academic troubles very seriously and I will be the first one to cut this school off if they do not get their act together. It's kind of like how the coach is always hardest on his own son at practice, in order to compensate for any potential feeling that somehow a son on the team would receive favoritism. I have to show that even though I support charters, I'm willing to drop the hammer on them when they do not follow their contract. I have no problem doing this, and I,too, hope they prove me whong but I'm not holding my breath.....

Anonymous said...

Are you financially invested in GLA? You really seem to be in support of that school. Dixon is affialiated with the district, shouldn't you be in support of all the schools? I heard some of their students made gains of 600 points plus on the FCAT, the press/district failed to mention that.