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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Law Enforcement Questioning of Students at School, Part V

At today's workshop of the school board, several members of the Sheriff's department attended our brief discussion on the subject of student questioning at school by law enforcement.

As I have stated numerous times, If there is no support for changing our policy, then I will not continue to discuss it.

At today's meeting, I  briefly stated my case for the necessity of a policy change. My main purpose today was to hear what my fellow board members felt about this issue.  Bill Slayton stated he did not feel the need to make a change, and Gerald Boone echoed that sentiment.

I, of course, stated my strong belief for the need of a change.  Patty Hightower said she had fielded calls on the subject, but did not go so far as to state a position on whether or not a change is necessary.

Linda Moultrie did not speak to the issue.

Where does this leave this policy?

Up in the air.

Meanwhile--parents, most parents in this community, are blissfully unaware that our policy does not require parental notification prior to police questioning of their children at school.  Ones that pay attention will have to ensure they explain to their children about how to politely say " I want my parents here before I speak with you"---If these parents want to be around for the questioning.

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