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Friday, January 10, 2014

School Board Open Discussion Workshop this Thursday, January 16th 3:00PM

The Board will have a special workshop to discuss various  topics of interest, the public is invited and encouraged to attend. We will have a public forum where members of the public can address the board.  The meeting starts at 3:00PM at the Hall Center, 30 E Texar Drive.  The meeting will be  in room 160.

The topics for discussion will be:

- January 2014 and February 2014 Calendar – Moultrie (5 minutes)
- Update on Concern Expressed by Citizen at December 17, 2013 Board Meeting/Public Forum Regarding
Baseball Facility/Handicapped Access at Pine Forest High School – Moultrie (5 minutes)
- Facility Utilization/Under Utilization at District Middle Schools – Bergosh (5 minutes)
- Changes to Dual Enrollment Rules-Impacts on Current Students – Bergosh (5 minutes)
- Legislative Issue-Raising Dropout Age from 16 to 18 – Bergosh (10 minutes)
- Woodham Middle School’s Robotics Team – Superintendent (10-15 minutes)
- Update on Fingerprint Process for District Employees – Superintendent (5-10 minutes)
- Discussion of Budget Calendar – Superintendent (5-10 minutes)
- Update of Professional Development Center – Superintendent (10-15 minutes)

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