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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Supreme Court Ruling Reaffirms Equal Rights

The Supreme Court has spoken and the ruling from yesterday on the case from Michigan will have ripple effects around the country for years to come.  Almost twenty years ago the voters of California voted for Prop 209 to eliminate race-based criteria for admission to State Universities funded with taxpayer dollars.  Many attempts have been made to undo prop 209, however they have not been successful;  In California, the passage of 209 served to expand and increase the diversity of the university system there--and that's the point, isn't it?  A recent bill to repeal 209 in California was derailed in large part due to the Asian community joining forces with conservatives (still can't believe Huffington post covered this, must have been painful for them.....) to defeat the measure.

 Like it or not, merit should be the deciding factor in admissions decisions to publicly funded schools , not artificial quotas imposed upon the process to appease special interest groups.  At private colleges, they can continue preference programs, and I'm sure they will.  But with taxpayer funded colleges, admissions should be colorblind and based upon merit; that's the way the Constitution would have it, and I'm thankful that's the way the Supreme Court sees this issue as well.  Thank God for Antonin Scalia on this court!

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