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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Starbucks Will Pay for Employees' College Tuition!

 My wife and daughter practically live at Starbucks, but I only go to Starbucks on an infrequent basis because I'm cheap, I mean Frugal. After reading this article in Forbes this morning, I may have to start going more often and I definitely want my son to look into getting a job there! What a great perk to offer employees--the chance to graduate with a Bachelor's degree and no student debt! From the article: "This morning at a company meeting in Manhattan, Starbucks SBUX +0.54%’ billionaire CEO, Howard Schultz, announced that the company would pay for thousands of workers, including baristas who work just 20 hours a week, to get a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online program. The initiative, the first of its kind, will allow many of the Seattle-based company’s 135,000 workers to graduate debt-free. Those who already have two years of college credit under their belts, will be entitled to a full tuition reimbursement. Those just starting college will receive subsidies worth an average of $6,500. There will be no requirement that employees who graduate with the program stay on at Starbucks."

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