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Friday, January 16, 2015

Wounded Warriors Coming Through Pensacola

I received the below information from a representative from USO.  I'm looking forward to Pensacola hosting this leg of the  Ride to Recovery.

Dear Mr. Bergosh: 

The next ride will be the Gulf Coast Challenge.  The schedule is below:

            1 March - Atlanta, GA to Columbus, GA
            2 March - Columbus, GA to Montgomery, GA
            3 March - Montgomery, GA to Pensacola, FL
            4 March - Pensacola, FL to Mobile, AL
            5 March - Mobile, AL to Gulfport, MS
            6 March - Gulfport, MS to New Orleans, LA
            7 March - Community Service Event - New Orleans, LA

As you probably are aware, the USO provides services and programs to support the brave men and women who serve our country in the Armed Services all over the world.  One of the programs that we support is the Ride 2 Recovery Program.  The Mission of the Ride 2 Recovery or R2R is to improve the health and wellness of injured veterans by providing a life changing experience that impacts their lives forever...the Ride 2 

Recovery Challenge.

R2R Challenges are multi-day cycling events that cover 350-450 miles and are designed to challenge each individual physically, emotionally and mentally.   Over 200 wounded warriors participate in each Challenge.

For most participants, it’s a return to a physical activity that they can continue throughout their lives.   These events are also an opportunity for these service men and women to connect with others who are experiencing the same challenges of recovery and reintegration back into their lives post injury.  I have attached some photos of past events.

Since 2008, more than 4,200 injured veterans from all branches of the armed services have participated in a Ride 2 Recovery Challenge. 

On the evening of March 3rd,  (highlighted) the Challenge will be in Pensacola.  The group will be going to the Pensacola Lighthouse and the National Aviation Museum to provide a memorable night out for the 250 men and women participating in the Challenge. 

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