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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Interesting Dynamic Comes out of #FLPromise15 in Tallahassee

One of the more interesting aspects of Tuesday's Education Summit in Tallahassee was the contrast between the small handful of protesters outside of the FSU Alumni center that were disgruntled, loud, and unhappy---compared to the crowd of media, policymakers, and dignitaries from around Florida that participated and were HUGELY receptive to former Gov. Bush and and his message on School Choice. picked up my post on this interesting dynamic.

From that article:

"The welcome Mr. Bush received when he arrived was especially enthusiastic, with the assembled group of state lawmakers, educational policymakers, and other statewide officials giving him a standing ovation upon his entry to the room. Outside the hall, a small but vocal group of protesters yelled at the meeting attendees and waved signs for passing cars.  This assembled group of protesters had a different welcome in mind for the former Governor and would-be president. Jeb Bush and his voucher programs and testing and drilling of students are destroying our schools” said retired Hillsborough County (Tampa, FL) teacher Susan Smith. “His voucher ideas that have been expanded in Florida are draining resources from the public schools” she continued.  “And the voucher schools don’t have the same accountability as the public schools. Come talk to us about education, not someone who never taught one day in a class!” yelled a burly man to some passers-by. Inside the hall, Jeb Bush was talking about the importance of education and the audience was hanging on every word.  Before he started in on educational topics, he made mention of the protestors outside.  “They mean well and they care-but they are protesting to support adult economic issues, I’m in here because I support children and their parents.” said the former Governor to thunderous applause."

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