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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mission of Mercy: A Project to Benefit Residents of Escambia County that Need Dental Service

Dr. Kim Jernigan of Pensacola is working to help the residents of Pensacola who are in desperate need of dental work but who cannot afford the costs.

She is working with the organization Mission of Mercy to bring a huge contingent of Dentists to Pensacola for one incredible weekend in order to treat up to 2,000 Pensacolians for free.

Root canals, extractions, impacted teeth--these folks are going to help ease the pain for many area residents if they can get the right facility on the right date.

Dr. Jernigan is hoping to utilize the Travis Fryman Gymnasium on the campus of J.M. Tate H.S. for this one weekend in May.  Trouble is---school will be in session at this time.

Because of this, I brought the issue to the board for discussion with the hope that we can find a work-around to allow this beneficial event to be held in our community.  According to Dr. Jernigan, not only does this benefit individuals who need dental work- this event will reduce local hospitals' ER costs for treating dental patients by an average of $70,000 per hospital.

We have to find a way to say "YES" to this event, no matter what.

The issue will be discussed once again at the August discussion of the school board.

Learn more about Mission of Mercy here

Watch the school board's discussion of this topic here

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