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Thursday, October 22, 2015

What Could the Consequences Be for Transmitting Indecent Video of Underage Students?

In El Dorado County, Northern California, this led to charges being levied against students.  Two teens were arrested there for distributing an obscene video of an under-aged classmate, the video in question having been taken without consent of the victim.

This is serious.

From the LA Times:

"Two teenage boys in Northern California have been arrested in connection with distributing child pornography after making a sex tape with a teen girl without her knowledge, authorities said.  Deputies later arrested the two male teens on suspicion of possessing and distributing child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child and conspiracy to commit a felony crime, authorities said."

Here in Pensacola, Florida, our Newspaper the Pensacola News Journal has written several pieces on a story locally that centers around the production of a video that, according to many unofficial sources that are well aware of the case, depicts a victim restrained against his will, stripped naked, and videotaped--with the video being subsequently disseminated against the victim's will.

Instead of taking this situation seriously, our newspaper has instead chosen to spin this story first in a way that minimized the incident, by referring to this episode multiple times as "pantsing" where only underwear is exposed.

Next, the paper has attempted to put a racial angle on the story by taking one side of the account from an alleged participant's parent, attempting to make this horrible incident look as if Black students are being punished unnecessarily by a system out to target them simply for their race.

Third, the paper is excoriating the superintendent of schools for not speaking publicly about aspects of the story about which he has detailed information--knowing full-well that if the superintendent did  divulge this information he  would be guilty of violating FERPA!

So instead of being fair and unbiased, the paper continues to make the classic mistake of reinforcing failure.  This is violating classic Sun Tzu tenets that these Journalists should understand.

PNJ, however, appears to be staying with the narrative that this was simply a harmless prank and the punishment that is being recommended is somehow overly harsh and racially-based  because the alleged perpetrators are black.

Most sinister of all, even though details have emerged that detail the fact that this incident was not a prank and that all the officals involved, the students involved, and the victim here are all black--this important fact has not been reported.

The cherry on top of this whole episode, not reported by PNJ, is that the parent of one perpetrator invited the media to sit in on the hearing where the truth about this incident would become known to the media----and then at the last minute this parent renegged on allowing the press to attend.

Why?  This is an important aspect of the story that PNJ should have reported.

So the failure reinforcement continues....

Every one of the pieces the PNJ has done on this issue has been an inaccurate, incomplete, and biased fail.

All three articles have been widely panned by the online facebook posters in PNJ's forum.

Why? ---Because Americans are tired of biased, ideologically-centered news reporting that ignores facts to further biased agendas.....that's why.

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