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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Finishing Strong and Looking Ahead

If the Good Lord wills it and nothing ridiculously, spectacularly bad occurs-- I will finish my decade in office as an Escambia County School Board Member one year from now on November 21st 2016 at 11:59 PM.

I am going to be running for a different office, the open seat for the District 1 seat on the Escambia Board of County Commissioners, over the next year.  This site, , is my school board blog site--- my election site, , is here.  ( in an abundance of caution, I will put my election disclaimer on this blog site---even though it is unaffiliated with my campaign site, starting today)

So several people have asked how I will approach my last year on the school board, and I have given this a good bit of thought.  I'm going to use a track and field analogy to answer this query...  My intention------I'm going to try to finish strong like the guy in the picture above, completing the race and breaking the tape at the finish line in a strong and spirited fashion-winning my race for the commission while finishing strong on the school board simultaneously.

This would be a perfect outcome, one which I will work diligently to achieve.

Here is what I am NOT going to do....I'm NOT going to approach the next year like this, a world record time sprint through the finish line...

I'm definitely NOT going to finish this decade long journey in broke-down fashion  like this....

And I won't arrogantly take the finish for granted, I WILL NOT do this

Here is what I WILL DO:

My intention is to not be a lame-duck (I won't be) and to do my job as a school board member-- right through the end of my time on the board, finishing my time up working closely with whomever my replacement will be.  I'll do this to ensure that there is no break in service and representation at all and a smooth transition for the constituents of district one---kind of like this!


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