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Friday, February 19, 2016

Huge Day In Tallahassee Yesterday: Membership Association Bill Passes the House

Yesterday was a monumental day in Tallahassee:  The House of Representatives passed the Membership Association Bill (HB 1155)-- that I have been pushing for two years--- by an overwhelmingly large margin (78-36) , And then the  Senate Appropriations Committee blasted through the Senate’s version of this same bill (SB 1426)  in blistering fashion (less than two minutes --32:00 to 33:45-- of this video), with no debate.  The Senate bill then subsequently passed favorably out of committee by an overwhelmingly huge 14-1 margin-- with only one dissenting vote.

I just scratch my head and wonder why some folks just will not support this bill…..….

This bill allows freedom of choice in advocacy for School Board Members that are elected Constitutional Officers---the same sort of freedom of choice in advocacy that ALL other Florida Constitutional Officers currently enjoy!  (Florida property appraisers, for instance, have two separate and distinct statewide associations from which appraisers can pick; Senators and Representatives in the Florida legislature that are in the minority party are allowed to direct their portion (s) of state funded advocacy dues to “progressive” advocacy organizations  (see  minute 85:30 of this video )

Why shouldn't school board members enjoy the freedom of choice?

I thought progressives love “choice?”

 I guess “choice” is only “good” when it benefits them or a cause which progressives support. 

 Conservative school board members, according to the partisan vote totals I’m seeing in yesterday’s votes from Tallahassee, apparently should NOT enjoy “choice.” 

As Spock from Star Trek might have observed on this curious display of overt hypocrisy, “Fascinating.”

But I believe liberals and Conservatives-together with progressives- all should support this bill, because in this context choice is good and it is fair--there is no disputing this known fact of reality.

And I hope the full Senate will pass this bill and I certainly hope that Governor Scott will subsequently sign it into law.  

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