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Thursday, October 20, 2016

This is a First!

The Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1395 AFL-CIO endorses Jeff Bergosh for Escambia County Commission, District 1. 10-18-2016

I was recently notified that I had received the endorsement of local 1395 AFL-CIO  for my upcoming election for County Commissioner, District 1.

This is a first.

I have never been endorsed by a union in any election in which I was a participant. 
I’ve interviewed for these sorts of things but my opponents always seemed to receive the endorsement or no endorsement would be given in my races.

I interviewed with the teacher’s union three times--- and never received their endorsement--- but I always won my races.

 In my recent primary election, one of my opponents was endorsed by the police union, and that candidate didn’t do well. ( All three candidates interviewed and when it was my turn I explained my campaign, I discussed my platform, had a great interview, but I predicted to them that they would not endorse my campaign—and they didn’t.   Their eventual selection that they endorsed and gave a campaign check to came in third place.  In politics third place is not good)

My other opponent in this last primary election was endorsed by the fire fighters union, and several other unions as well if I remember right from his mail piece---and that candidate came in second place.  The fire-fighter’s union never even called or interviewed me before they made their

 endorsement—they must have heard that I strongly support volunteer fire fighters and that I will not raise taxes….)

So I don’t lose sleep about whether or not I win the endorsement of these or any unions—as not having these sorts of things has never kept me from winning my races. 

This all said, receiving this email…..

 ……..was kind of a pleasant surprise.  I’m grateful for the endorsement, the support, and the campaign contribution.  This was a first!

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