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Friday, February 3, 2017

Small Government, Pro-Business Conservative

I am a small-government, pro-business Conservative.  I've personally owned many small businesses here and on the West Coast as well.  I've dealt with red tape and overly aggressive regulations that smother small business.  I get what they go through, and that's why  I support hard-working, taxpaying and rule obeying businesses because such businesses are the backbone of our great nation.

Last night we were tasked with voting up or down on a permit to allow an existing, decades old business that has been lawfully operating in District 1 the ability to continue to operate.  At stake were 15 full-time jobs and a locally operated successful business that was bending over backwards to cooperate with changing regulations thrown in its  path by the County.

After hearing from a handful of persons opposed and some that supported the business--and after doing my own independent research in this neighborhood---it was obvious to me that this operation was conducting its business lawfully and was also striving to be extremely conscientious and deferential to the nearby neighbors.  I replied to the one email I received today in objection to this business' permit with the following response.....


Thank you for the email of concern. 
I hope you realize that I take these matters very seriously, and I listened intently to every speaker and I also independently researched this matter by going to several neighbors and also to the business location as well. 

I think Mr.  XXXXXXXX is a good neighbor who has conducted himself and his business with a great deal of respect for his neighbors as he has simultaneously tried to remain in compliance with all of the changing regulations the County has thrown his way.  After all of the testimony, including hearing that he has never had one complaint filed against him or his business and that atmospheric tests for silica dust conducted by the state DEP indicated there was none present in samples taken in the area-I felt strongly that it would have been wholly inappropriate to essentially put him out of business by denying his permit.

I am a small government, pro-business conservative and I support small businesses in general and this small business in particular, an entity  that has been in existence for decades locally; Mr. XXXXXXXX  has conducted this very same business legally at this very same location for decades while employing 15 persons full-time—and with all of the evidence presented I feel confident the board made the right decision with the unanimous vote to uphold the DRC findings and to issue this permit.


Jeff Bergosh
District 1 Board Member and Vice-Chairman
Escambia Board of County Commissioners
221 Palafox Place Suite 400
Pensacola, FL 32502
850-595-4910 office
850-377-2209 Voicemail

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