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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Coffee with the Commissioner 4-27-2017

Citizens and Escambia County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh discuss issues
of concern at April's "Coffee With the Commissioner" Event, 4-27-17

This morning, 4-27-2017, we held our third "coffee with the commissioner" event in District 1. 

We appreciated the opportunity to meet with a small group of about a half-dozen citizens, informally, to discuss issues related to their individual concerns in District 1--to include:

--drainage problems on Pond Farm Road

--Traffic Light signalization issues at Dog Track Road and Hwy 98

--traffic congestion on Hwy 98

--Misspelled words on the entrance to the Navy Hospital Marquee at Hwy 98  (Naval, misspelled as "Navel")

--trash on the roadways

--growth management

We also spent some time just talking current events and national political issues. 

I appreciate McDonalds on Blue Angel and Hwy 98 for allowing us to host our meeting at their establishment.

I also want to thank Debby Kenney, my aide, for arranging the site.

And last but not least I want to express my appreciation to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office for sending Deputy Chief Eric Haines to this morning's coffee and also to this past Monday's Town Hall meeting at Bellview Middle School.

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