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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Important Roundtable Meeting This Morning

7-19-2017 Stakeholders in the local criminal justice community discuss ways to lower costs and create efficiency in the system--- while simultaneously maintaining public safety as priority 1.

The cost of housing inmates in Escambia County is causing a huge drain to our budget.  Medical costs are surging, and our jail population is growing.  One of the things I'd like to work on as the District 1 County Commissioner is to find ways to safely lower the population of the jail and to control medical costs better at our jail.

There are other communities that are doing this more effectively than we are, and as the entity that runs the jail (assigning no value judgments on whether or not that is the most efficient model) the Board of County Commissioners must take a leadership role in this conversation.

I have toured the jail, and no--I do not consider myself an expert on the jail--but I can read and I can and will study this issue as a constitutional officer that was elected to help operate our government as safely and efficiently as possible for District 1 constituents.

This morning's round table will be interesting--and as soon as the video is completed I will post it to this blog.

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