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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Misinformation Creates Panic, Confusion, and Anger

Although the swath depicted in this map might look like a "subdivision swallower"--in reality the additional width needed, over and above what we already have with Beulah Raod, is 4.5 feet.......

"We are thinking of selling our home and leaving Escambia County"  came the exasperated voice on the other end of the line.  "How could this be allowed to happen?--we love our home and we have already had to move once due to noise encroachment--are we going to have to move again?" he continued.

The issue is the southbound connector from the Beulah Beltway project.  Multiple alternatives for the location of this proposed route are presented at the website

The drawings are not to scale.  "Sir--we're not going to tear your house down, these drawings are not to scale."  I explained.

Apparently, someone was handing out flyers in a few Beulah neighborhoods lamenting the potential that 300 homes and families might have to be "re-located" as a result of this new southbound artery being constructed.

Here is the deal:  for the southbound artery--we need only about 104.5 feet to construct this connector.  Currently, Beulah road and existing ROW equals about 100 feet----so yes we may need to acquire an additional 2.25 feet from both sides of the existing Beulah road to accommodate the new southbound road.  I think we can get 2.25 feet from both sides without tearing down any

The project will be discussed at a meeting this coming Monday afternoon--here are the details and additional contact information about this project for all interested persons:

The Beulah Beltway Alternative Corridor Evaluation Public Meeting from 5:30-7 p.m.

Plainview Baptist Church

1101 W. Nine Mile Road Monday, Aug. 7

For more information, visit the project website at

If you have any questions regarding the proposed project or this meeting, please contact Atkins Project Manager Gregory Allen, P.E. at 850-466-4113 or, or Escambia County Project Manager David Forte at 850-595-3404 or


Debbie said...

Where will the on & off ramps be placed for I-10? The last meeting ALL maps were very vague. We would like detailed info. That is why rumors are started. Seems like we don't find out details until work is about to start or important decisions ( such as zoning) are made by a chosen few. Decisions usually go in developers favor. I live on West Kingsfield Rd and we are being impacted by increased traffic daily and speeding is a major issue.

Anonymous said...

detailed in the cocktail napkin phase. The major detail will be money. Not like they will start paving next week.
Im just glad that someone is planning for the future that includes four lane roads.
there seems to be alot of land to have a north south corridore.
Attend the meeting, ask questions. Think about the future instead of today as all the Escambia traffic planning is modeled after!

Anonymous said...

"Cocktail napkin phase". What a joke!!! Look up the Website for
Ecambia county Beulah Beltway. It's 135 pages. This study dates back over 3 years. This IS going to happen in the next 2-3 years. How would you like a 4 lane beltway at your front door? We live in Beulah to be away from noise & traffic. Family land & homes for over 50 years. We are not happy!!!