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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.....

So last night's compromise vote to extend a 3% salary increase to the Sheriff's office deputies, along with all the other county employees ( EMS, Fire, Corrections, Dispatch and everyone else) was met with anger by some.  No good deed goes unpunished I guess.....

About an hour after the meeting, I received the below text from Sheriff Morgan (highlighted on the bottom of the string.)

I have not responded.

But in the meantime, I certainly DO NOT want the sheriff to send me a "copy upon completion." 

What will he send me a copy of--the areas he is not longer going to patrol as frequently?  I don't want that list, because once I have it (if I receive it) it may possibly become a public record which I must release if I am asked (if it is not an exempted item). If it is released, it will go to the media, if it goes to the media, the bad guys will know what areas will be "seeing a reduction of patrol coverage"  Is that what the Sheriff wants to happen?

To say I am disappointed that the sheriff is telling District 1 that we will receive a reduction of patrol coverage is an understatement.  We have had big issues with crime in West Escambia, Myrtle Grove, Avondale, Bellview, and other areas of District 1.  We have had murders in Beulah (Billings murders, Billy Boyette murder spree, and the recent murder where a body was dumped on Klondike Road) residents in Logan Place have endured had a rash of car burglaries--and to say these areas are going to receive "a reduction of patrol coverage" is astonishingly disappointing.

Even if this was planned it should not be discussed.  And the timing of this text, right after the meeting where we attempted to compromise with Sheriff Morgan (where we bumped his budget up to give all his men a 3% raise) could be construed by some as retaliatory or worse yet.....threatening.

All because, apparently, we did not fund him an 8% year over year budget increase.  8%.

What a disappointment.


Anonymous said...

Like many in this area, I served in the military and I support our military, active, retired and veterans. I now own a home in Beulah. The sheriff is a military man and I used to like what he did and said; however, in the last few months, his behavior has been bizzarre and petty. For example, cutting the SROs who keep our children safe, eliminating funeral escorts, and now cutting patrol. All of this stemming from the pay issues and compression. Now, I read the paper, pay attention to the local news and closely follow local politics. This is the sheriff's 3rd term and I have never heard him speak about pay and compression, ever, until his weird war with the commission that began in June of this year. And, if the sheriff convinces the governor to force an increase in my taxes to immediately fix a problem that has taken over 30-years to occur (and which the sheriff has just now brought to the public's attention), I will never vote for Scott again. I am sick and tired of bait and switch RINOs who tax and spend just like the donkeys. Just look at our RINO national leaders who cannot support President Trump.
I agree with your no nonsense approach to this problem. I am glad the sheriff is leaving soon, but, maybe he runs for a 4th term, as "the people need me." Right, we need you to raise taxes. I would hope chip would challenge him; that would be a real humdinger. But, chip is comfortable, two pensions from the city almost equaling his pay there as the chief plus his third retirement with DROP, which must certainly be 300k or more. Now he is earning a 3% per year retirement as chief deputy on a salary of 120,000 or so. If morgan stays another 4-years, then chip has 8 years at 3%, that is 24% he would get at 62. Plus as sheriff, he would get another pension at 6 or 8 years as sheriff and that is the entire salary I think. He might even be eligible for DROP again as sheriff, which would be another up to 500k. So morgan staying might help him with earning a whopping 6 retirements from the state and local taxpayers (3 now with the city including drop, the 4th he's working on as a deputy, 5 is the sheriff pension if he wins, plus possibly 6 DROP again. In any event, morgan may be here longer with his weird style.
Sorry to ramble, but I'm not happy with the petty politics. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Why does the text message stamp say Thursday, July 27th?

Jeff Bergosh said...

Anonymous 9-28: The date stamp you refer to was the date of the last text message Sheriff Morgan sent to me. The very bottom text was sent on 9-26-2017 at 8:26 PM