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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Andy Marlette Manipulation....7.0

This cartoon is a parody of Andy Marlette's PNJ cartoon from today--where he accuses me of engaging in unprovoked attacks.  In actuality, Marlette is the one that engages in unprovoked attacks!

So two weeks ago Thursday-- I sent in a viewpoint article.  It was rational, measured and balanced.  I was looking to offer a reasonable compromise on the naming of the replacement Pensacola Bay Bridge that is under construction and will be completed in 2021.

What happened next?

PNJ cartoonist Andy Marlette wrote a scathing hit-piece article the Sunday after I submitted my viewpoint.  Instead of disagreeing with me or my position--he instead attacked me personally--calling me a "troll" and a "goober" (they printed my balanced and rational article the next day, on Monday.....low circulation day.  Through their attempts at condensing the piece I submitted--they also created several grammatical errors as well and left them in the version published......)

Marlette's Sunday article--meanwhile---was roundly criticized by posters on the PNJ site.

"Marlette is a dishonest editorialist"  wrote one facebook poster to the story....

"If you don’t agree with Mr. Bergosh, by all means say so. But to personally attack him by calling him a goober and a troll is really a sad commentary on yourself."  wrote another

"Its more like Marlette is trying to take a grain a sand and turn it into something its not..... 
The PNJ could do so much better giving Marlette his walking papers and just leaving his part of the page as "blank space". said yet another facebook poster

"I appreciate Mr. Bergosh speaking up. I don't know him at all but was happy to see his article and him standing up to do what is RIGHT!"...said another facebook poster to Marlette's hit job article"

So now what happens--I get a cartoon in the Saturday edition, today, that is "scolding" me for interacting with constituents on facebook and writing my opinions  there--insinuating I am engaging in unprovoked  "attacks" on my constituents which is rubbish.

Marlette should have drawn this cartoon with himself as the hate spewer----No problem.  I did it for him!


Anonymous said...

Marlette. What an oxygen thief.

Anonymous said...

Are Marlettes cartoons in the printed paper which hardly anyone buys? Or do you if you subscribe to the rag? Most people just use the incognito tab and don't pay the PNJ. It's not worth the few dollars a month so don't even see the originals that you have been making a parody of, they aren't on his facebook either as far as I can tell.

Considering his opinion on Trump and DeSantis he must be delusional anyway.

Many found it humorous to see who you poked back at Stricklen. I think the harvested comments posted on ECW backfired anyway for the ones who know what is going on.

People are waking up. Some think he was paid to poke you, and try to get a rise out of you.