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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Altered School Start Time Focus Group Announced

Obviously there is a lot of concern over the potential altered start times for schools next calendar year. I have just received an email from Shawn Dennis, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, confirming that there will be a focus group this Thursday Evening from 5PM-7PM in room 130 at the Hall Center. Per my conversation this morning with Mr. Dennis, the public is encouraged to attend. My email from this morning at is on the top, Mr. Dennis's announcement email is below.

My advice to concerned parents and other memebers of the general public is to attend this meeting, listen to the presentation, and give your opinions and feedback. I believe that a plan may be in the works to preserve the cost savings while not so drastically altering the High School start and release times. This could alleviate many of the concerns that are being voiced by district parents and students.

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Is there a focus group scheduled for Thursday, May 22, from 5-7 pm at hall center regarding altered school start times? Many emails and phone calls are coming in on this and I want to let parents know about this if---, in fact,--this is an actual scheduled meeting on this subject.please let me know.Thanks.


Jeff B.

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Tuesday - May 20, 2008 11:24 AM
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Parent focus group meeting
Board members do not reply to this email!With the help of our PTA we have scheduled a parent focus group meeting to discuss and receive input on the change in start time recommendation that was presented to the board last week. I will be conducting a brief overview of our present economic state and will deliver the start time recommendation presentation. Following the briefing we will solicit input from attendees.The purpose of the focus group is to identify issues concerning the proposed start time changes and to hear from parents in general. When a start time recommendation is presented to the school board the concerns garnered from this focus group will be provided as backup along with the opinions expressed by our principal/assistant principal focus group so that board members may better understand the various perspectives on this issue. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 22nd in rm 160 at the Hall Center from 5PM until 7PM. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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