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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Budget Cutting Ideas

I brought my own Budget Cutting Ideas into today's special meeting of the Escambia County School Board. I do not like proposing such drastic, painful cuts. However, we are in a budget crisis.

Additional Budget Cut Recommendations. Potential Savings=$13,850,000.00

1. Elimination of District Paid Cellular Telephones for ALL employees. Savings $100K

2. Elimination of local mileage reimbursement for “in county travel.” For ALL employees. Pool district vehicles for use by staff that must travel in county/must travel frequently. Savings $200K

3. All out of county Travel not funded by grants or categorical funds
To be submitted to and approved by vote of school board. Savings Unknown possibly $50K

4. 2% wage concession for ALL employees earning in excess of $38,000.00 but less than $45,000.00 annually. Savings TBD
Est. $1.2 Million

5. 2.5% wage concession for ALL employees earning in excess of
$45,000.00 but less than $52,000.00 Savings TBD Est. $1 Million

6. 3% wage concession for school board members and ALL employees earning in excess of $52,000.00 Savings TBD Est. $800K

7. Amend District school board rules to achieve strict alignment with minimum statutory requirements with respect to transportation of students. Elimination/reduction of courtesy ridership. Savings TBD Est. $1.5 Million

8. No step increases, no pay increases, for any employees for the 2008-2009 school year. Savings TBD Est. $2 Million

9. Closure of Carver/Century Savings $400K

10. Consolidation of Hallmark and Yniestra Savings $400K

11. Compounding of All Busses and District vehicles Savings TBD Est. $1 Million

12. Eliminate Bus Driver Overtime Savings TBD Est.$300-$500K

13. Outsource anywhere it is economically viable to achieve savings
Savings Unknown. Est. $250K

14. Elimination of all summer programs funded by General Fund and not mandated by statute.
Savings Unknown Est. 250K

15. Elimination of an additional 10 Professional/Administrative positions from the Personnel Planning Document
Savings TBD Est. $700K. Superintendent and Staff to choose which ten positions to eliminate, or propose administrative/Professional Salary Wage concessions to equal $700K.

16. Health Care Increased Costs—passed through equally to employees and retirees. Savings TBD. Est. $3 Million

17. Elimination of free dental to families. Offer Delta Dental to those who want to upgrade at their own expense.
Savings TBD Est. $500K.

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