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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Minutes of Escambia County School Board Meeting 1-20-09

I am posting these minutes to expedite information dissemination. Much more complete and detailed minutes will be posted in 4-6 weeks on the school district’s website. In the mean time, these minutes are what I feel were the big “takeaways”, a macro look at my impression of the meeting. These are condensed, abbreviated, shortened, and to the point.

Meeting convened at 5:32 PM

All Board Members and Superintendent Malcolm Thomas present.

Pledge of Allegiance led by Oak crest Elementary Student Kiera Reiser

PTA Presentation—given by Cindy Gerhardt

Stellar Employee Recognition—Nancy Spindler, 26 year employee of the district, currently route manager supervisor in the transportation department.

Public Forum: 8 Speakers Total

1 Speaker wanted her son’s suspension from Pine Forest High to be investigated.
7 Speakers wanted the board to keep Carver Century K-8 open

Rule adoptions:

1. Revisions to School District Chapter 2, Human Resources Services, approved for adoption by 5-0 vote.

2. Revisions to School District Chapter 7, Student Affairs, approved for adoption by 5-0 vote.

3. Revisions to School District Chapter 5, Business Services, approved for adoption by 5-0 vote.

4. Revisions to School District Rule 6Gx17-7.09, Student Progression Plan, approved for adoption by 5-0 vote.

Permission to advertise rules for adoption:

1. Notice of 2009 Annual Rules Review and Policy Development of the Rules and Procedures of the Escambia County, Florida Scholl District approved for advertisement by 5-0 vote

2. Notice of intent to Modify, Change, and/or Delete School Attendance Zone Boundaries, approved by a 3-2 vote. Advertising closure of Carver-Century K-8 School.
Mr. Slayton and Mrs. Moultrie voted “no”.

3 sets of December Board Meeting Minutes Approved

Entire Consent Agenda Approved unanimously, via 5-0 vote.

All Curriculum items approved

All Finance items approved

All Purchasing items approved

All Operations items approved

(Entire Consent Agenda was meticulously covered and discussed at length during two thorough school board workshops held during the early afternoon of 1/15/2009, and the morning of 1/16/2009)

Board voted unanimously, 5-0, to accept the superintendent’s recommendation regarding the following:

Student recommendations:

5 Students Expelled
2 Students returned to regular classes because the hearing officer found that the district had not proved its case that these two particular students had razor blades in their possession at school
2 Students suspended pending conclusion of criminal charges.

Student infractions included:

2 for possession of razor blades
2 for felony burglary off-campus with adverse impact
4 for possession of knives
1 for possession of drugs (concerta) on school property

Employee Recommendations:

Two employees reinstated with back pay.

--One in accordance with an order of the First District Court of Appeals, case number 1D07-4826

--One because the State Attorney dropped charges against this individual.

Meeting adjourned at 6:49PM.


Anonymous said...

How many students have been expelled each month over the last six months?

Jeff Bergosh said...

We typically see between 8-12 expulsion recommendations at every board meeting (except for the summer months) so over the last six months I'd say we've voted to accept the superintendent's recommended expulsions on roughly 50 students. Every month, the day of the meeting, I post condensed minutes, and I list the number of students expelled and also the infractions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response, but I guess I wasn't very clear in my question so I will word it differently. Would you tell me exactly How many students were expelled in October 2008, November 2008, December 2008 and January 2009? And by the way, Would you also provide the average FCAT scores of these expelled students?

westbound said...

On merit pay. Isn,t it possible that a school and teacher's could use expulsions as a way to rid themselves of lower achieving students to up the average test scores in their schools and class rooms. I have been hearing that students are being expelled for very minor offenses and in some cases with no proof. And that it is dificult to have witnesses on the students side because they are usually students that their privacy is protected by the same school authorities that accused the offender in the first place. Also they are kept from speaking out by fearful parents who do not want to get involved. Do you see the possibility for abuse here.