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Monday, January 5, 2009

A Victory for Local Government Control, Part II

In Early December I put a post on this blog regarding what I considered to be a victory for local government control--a ruling that sided with local school boards over the State's Schools of Excellence Commission. This ruling reaffirmed the exclusive right of local school boards to be the sole entity with the authority to establish charter schools within their respective districts. Background here:

Today I received word from our Board Attorney that the Department of Education will not appeal the ruling from last month.

A Victory for local Government Control. "Center for Education Reform" who left the comment below on my blog, will surely be upset over the decision not to appeal the ruling.

"Yesterday's Florida First District Court of Appeals ruling striking down the Florida Schools of Excellence Commission (FSE) is dead wrong and demonstrates a political opinion rather than a judicial opinion. Since Florida's original charter school law was passed by the legislature in 1996, special interest groups have sought to repeal it.The Florida Schools of Excellence Commission (FSE) was created by law in 2006 as an alternative public entity to authorize and manage quality charter schools. Courts in other states with similarly structured authorizers have upheld that these are constitutionally acceptable public entities. Florida's constitution permits the legislature to create and fund public education. School districts in Florida do not have exclusive franchise over schools they do not create."

December 3, 2008 9:28 AM

Looks like the DOE does not concur with the above post from "Center for Education Reform"--based on the no appeal.

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