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Friday, September 11, 2009

Board Discussion Workshop 9-10-2009

The Board held the monthly discussion workshop on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009 at the Board Room of the McDaniel building downtown. Meeting began at 3:01PM

All Board members except Patty Hightower were present, along with Superintendet Thomas.

Open Board discussion items:

--I discussed with my fellow Board Members Why I would not be voting for the millage rate increase, and I gave back-up documentation to my fellow Board Members regarding the historic millage levies in Escambia County.

--I turned over a request to the Superintendent from Pine Forest High School's Principal and School Advisory Committee to rename the gymnasium at PFHS in honor of Coach Ann C. Suarez.

--I initiated a discussion with my fellow board members about our salaries and how the board should interpret recent state legislation which sought to reduce Board Member compensation statewide. Board members agreed to take the same salary as a first year teacher in Escambia, $32K. This represents a cut of 12%.

Mr. Slayton discussed the following

--closure of the zoo, how it would affect student field trips

--concerns over school lunch-room "self-serve" lines--in light of seine flu

Mr. Thomas discussed the following issues with the Board

--Custodial Supervision-and a plan for more localized supervision

--RFP Processes and priorities. The district is currently writing an RFP for custodial services, which should be complete by October. Next the district will be writing RFPs for Transportation and Foodservice--however Mr. Thomas said the district would be meticulous and thorough with the drafting of these RFPs

--The district staff briefly discussed a board policy revision process, which would help to streamline the way policy is written in the district.

--ten day enrollment figure presented--currently we are just slightly over 40,000 students--which represents less of a drop in enrollment than had been projected.

--updated timeline and initial drawings of New District Administrative Offices was presented to the board. Tentative schedule as follows:
March 2010-completion of IT infrastructure
November 2010--completion of renovation of floors 4, 3, and 2. Moves of most functions from Garden street would occur between November 2010 and February 2011.

--Cox digital channel 98--The Escambia County School District will be sharing time with the County Commission and other government entities for this channel. The School District will have allotted time seven days per week to broadcast content on this channel, which will reach approximately 30,000 viewers in a three county area. the district is very early in the planning stages on this project.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35

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