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Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama Speech Emails

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Subject: Obama T.V. Speech
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Dear Malcolm;
I am a parent of 3 children in the Escambia County school system. I am on
the board of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and a Vice President for the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. It is my opinion that I should have sole discretion
as to whether my children hear this closed circuit speech from President Obama.
I did not vote for him and am leary of anything he may say. If the School Board
has a released copy of what his speech will cover, I would be willing to review
and sign that my child may view or my child may not view. If parents are NOT
given the choice, I feel this is an infringement upon my rights and my
children's rights. My children will not attend school until after the speech has
aired. I would like to be provided with the times the speech will be given.
Having said that, I would sincerely hope that you, as our Superintendent, would
understand that this is a politically charged time and we should shield our
children from any negative under currents. I am firmly and steadfastly against
this. Please respond. Thank you. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX

Or this One:

Dear Mr. Bergosh,

Are the Escambia County Schools airing the President's speech in the classroom? If so, are the children going to be required to view it and participate in his suggested study guide and acitivities? We are concerned that his speech is going to be geared more toward his political agenda rather than a "Pep Talk" to encourage our children. We are very involved in our children's education and do not feel that it is his place to dictate what our children listen to or study when it is mainly for his benefit. Please let us know what the plan is for XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX High School and XXXXXXXXXXX High School as we have children attending these schools. We appreciate your dedication to our district and know that your priority is the well being of our children. Thank you so much for all you do. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.



or this one, apparently in support of the speech:

Mr. Thomas,

I expected better of you than this.

“We do not let teachers just watch television. It’s going to have to fit with what they’re teaching the children,” said Escambia Superintendent Malcolm Thomas. “We’re in a district where our students struggle. We have bell-to-bell instruction, and we don’t want to waste a single minute.”

Although this type of arrogance may play well with the majority of the escambia County voters, it shows a real lack of understanding as to what can constitute education.

I am a registered Republican, and as such, certainly don't agree with most of what passes as leadership from the current administration, but we should respect the office of the Presidency. The example that you are setting for the children is short sighted.

I'm beginning to think we are in a district where students struggle because the leadership is less than adequate. To think that a 20 minute speech would take away from my children's education is absurd. You are a little too full of yourself!


It is your school. The disrespect that the supperintendent is showing you is terrible. Do you have the title, but not the power? If a 20 minute speech is going to derail the school year, we need to pull the plug on public education in Escambia County.


I have also had several calls on the subject but the overriding theme seems to be that Parents want the option on whether or not to participate. If, as a district, we do not come out with clear guidance on this Sept. 8 event, I think we will experience a lot of absent students on that day.

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