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Thursday, January 28, 2010

ECSD Poised to Commence $22 Million in New Projects

The Escambia County School District is poised to commence projects totalling $22 Million within the next three months.  These projects have been submitted by individual school principals, reviewed by district personnel, the 1/2 cent sales tax watchdog committee, and the school board.

This list of $22 Million has been distilled from the process described above and is the draft final.  This group of projects will be voted on by the School Board at the February 16th regular meeting. 

As our economy continues to falter locally and nationally, I am happy to be involved with this process which will ultimately benefit students but in the mean time will also translate into hundreds of jobs for our local tradesmen.

The allocation is broken out as follows:

District 1 Projects     $4,008,557.61

District 2 Projects     $4,271,015.65

District 3 Projects     $3,890,766.54

District 4 Projects     $2,357,927.17

District 5 Projects     $2,820,883.39

District-wide Projects  $$4,650,849.64

The complete DRAFT list of projects recommended for board approval, broken out by district, school, project, and cost is available here

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