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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Waiting for “Waiting for Superman”

This weekend’s installment of the annual Sundance Film Festival will feature a new documentary film from “An Inconvenient Truth” director Davis Guggenheim.

This new film, “Waiting for Superman”, tackles the growing issue of the dysfunctional problems facing public education in America today. I’m going to watch this film as soon as it is released, and I’m going to try to be open minded, knowing this is from the same director who hyped Al Gore's flawed concept of “global warming”

I did see “An Inconvenient Truth”—and I admit that I enjoyed the film and found it to be quite entertaining. Whether I believe all of the hysteria about “global warming” that particular film advocated—well that’s another story all together. (Many rational scientists believe that climate change naturally occurs and that it is a part of the Earth’s cycle—not about what mankind does on the planet)  The recent email "climategate" scandal further eroded the credibility of those who push the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

But, to get back to the point of this blog entry-- about this new film about education—I’ve read the synopsis and watched several interviews with the director and I do believe he is going to tackle some of the obvious but change resistant issues in the public system that most are averse to even discussing at all. What I also find encouraging is that Bill Gates (Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) is actively promoting this film—and I really admire what Bill Gates is doing to help public education through his foundation; Gates knows the status quo in American Public Schools must be challenged!

American Education can be fixed—and Education is the number one priority for the future of our nation. Hopefully “Waiting for Superman” will add to the increasing number of glaring spotlights on the problem and not just be a cinematic fluff piece that simply tweaks at the margins of the problems.

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