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Friday, April 9, 2010

Florida SB 6 HB 7189 Passes in the House--Certified at 2:50 AM EST

Sources in Tallahassee now report what many have expected this week.

It took until the wee hours of the night-- but as was predicted, the transformative, lightning rod education reform bill, HB 7189, passed at 2:14 AM. The House had to recess and then re convene in order to certify the vote total, which did occur at 2:50 AM.

Florida has now officially stepped into new territory with this bill, the most ambitious and daring education measure in the United States of America today.

No excuses now exist for Florida not to win in round two of Race To The Top.

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kari said...

A 5th-year 3rd-grade teacher who has a 3rd grade student, born addicted to crack, with SLD, who enters the class reading on a K level and the teacher moves them to a 2nd-grade reading level in less than one year deserves no less pay and has earned no less pay than a 5th-year 3rd-grade teacher who has affluent students who enter the class reading at a 3rd-grade level and the teacher moves them to, well, a 3rd-grade reading level with equal (or less) effort or skill.

This bill needs a quick veto.