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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"School Board Live"-Call-in Show?

An issue that I am hearing from many constituents as I walk door-to-door in the neighborhoods of District 1 is that the people feel "disconnected" from the school system and their elected representatives on the School Board.

I have heard this many times before, and there may be a partial solution available.

Now that The School district has time allotted on Cox Channel 98 (the government channel), I am proposing that the school Board do a once monthly "School Board Live" call-in talk/discussion show.

I feel we could serve two purposes with this type of show-we could make this an additional opportunity for board members to discuss a variety of issues in the sunshine-while at the same time allowing for direct interaction with the public that we serve.

I would suggest that someone from the district moderate the show, perhaps Debbie King, and I would envision that the show would be 2 hours once monthly. I'd like to see if it could be streamed on our web site and also broadcast on one of the local AM Channels (perhaps WUWF?) I think a perfect time for the show would be 5-7PM on the Thursday we do our once monthly Board discussion workshop. Who knows, perhaps we could do both simultaneously?

While this sort of a show might only attract a limited number of viewers/callers, and might amount to nothing more than the cure for insomnia--I'd like to see if it would be something my fellow board members would be interested in.

I have put this subject on the agenda for discussion by the board at our regular monthly board discussion workshop scheduled for This Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 3PM at the McDaniel Building downtown.

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