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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interesting Thoughts from Tallahassee, 3-14-2011

I spoke to our School Board Consultant in Tallahassee yesterday about several key issues currently in the legislature.  I also spoke with one of our local state representatives and listened in on a group teleconference regarding the status of the state budget shortfall and some other hot-button issues.  The following are some points that were identified:

---House Teacher Bill--will pass out of the house this week, may not need to go back to senate, could be signed into law as early as this Friday by Gov. Scott.

---Revenue Estimate revision will happen Friday.  Overall the picture is bleak-looks as though the shortfall may be announce as  $4.6 Billion rather than $3.6

---Schools should brace for 10% funding cut (although this could be mitigated slightly, resulting in a 5-9% cut overall)

---RLE budgets will continue to be based on collection percentage set at 96%

---FRS conference-discussion about a tiered approach to employee contributions were discussed, with employees making more than $75,000 yearly paying 4 %, employees making $45-74,000 paying 2%
and employees making less than $40K paying none.  Discussions settled in on everyone paying 2%-but this is very much subject to change

---Union Check-off bill by Thrasher-passed committee 5-4 and looks likely to move forward

---Class size penalty procedure not settled as of yet

--Gaetz bill SB 1160 discussed, lots of consternation surrounding this bill (which would preclude retired Florida State Workers from collecting a state salary and a Florida Pension simultaneously)

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