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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taxpayers, Students, Parents--1 Teacher's Labor Union 0-----Historic Teacher Quality Bill Heads to Governor Scott for Signature

The much discussed, controversial Florida teacher quality bill has now passed the house and is ready for signature by Governor Rick Scott.  Last year, a similar, much stronger bill passed both chambers of the legislature only to fall victim to a veto from then governor Charlie Crist.

Current Governor Rick Scott will sign this year's version.  Governor Scott said in a piece from Reuters:

"This bill is going to improve our system to the benefit of our students...We will make sure the best teachers stick around, that we retain them, we train them and we'll find the money to make sure they are paid fairly."

The measure passed right along party lines, supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats.  (Ironically, this bill, Senate Bill 736, aligns itself with the goals of  Democratic President Obama's Race to the Top Education Reform Initiative--which unions and Democrats opposed )

Next up, the union dues and political activities legislation.

This is going to be a tough session for Democrats and organized public sector labor unions and their supporters

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Anonymous said...

The sooner this bill gets passed the better! Now the legislature will finally get the out of control union under control