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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Escambia County Students of the Year Awards 2011

One of the events I truly look forward to attending every year is the Escambia County Student of the Year Awards Ceremony.

Over Sixty students were chosen from Escambia County Schools to be honored as Students of the year from their respective schools and programs this evening at N.B. Cook Elementary School.

These students have had to overcome tremendous disabilities, tragic family circumstances, hardships, and other obstacles to succeed in school.  Circumstances that some of these students have endured included the loss of parents, death of siblings, living with physical handicaps, being homeless, or not speaking the english language.

And these students honored tonight have succeeded in overcoming these hardships to thrive in our schools.

Nights like this make me especially proud of all of our students, parents and caregivers, and the teachers and staffs of our schools.

Congratulations to all that made tonight a special evening.

I especially want to thank the following sponsors of the Escambia County Student of the Year Awards for 2011:

Baptist Hospital

Escambia County Council of PTAs and PTSAs

Escambia County Foundation for Excellence in Education

PTA of N.B. Cook Elementary School

Plant and Flower Boutique

Stone's Studio, Inc.

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wayne said...

The students that receive these awards show more courage than the average grown up walking the streets