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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Huge Accomplishments for Escambia County High School Students

I received word last night via email of two exceptional achievements garnered by Escambia County High School Students.

1.  The Escambia Academic team has won the state academic championship. Back to back championships have only occurred twice - 02/03 and now 10/11. The Escambia Academic team is the only team to win back to back ... And now they have accomplished the task for a second time.  The Escambia teams for the past ten year period have either won or placed second every year--an amazing achievement and a testament to the fact that Escambia County produces some exceptionally smart students!

2.  Pine Forest finished 4th in the ROTC national finals. There are over 600 units in the US. Only the top 25 make it to the finals.  The Escambia School Disrtrict had 2 schools in the finals: Pine Forest and Escambia.
Escambia won the Jason Harvey award which is awarded to the one unit that displayed character and integrity throughout the competition.


Anonymous said...

Now this is something that we can all be proud off :)

Jeff Bergosh said...

Agreed! Unfortunately--the good news does not get reported like the bad news and the stories in the local media are something like 10 to 1--- 10 Negative stories to every one Positive piece. PNJ and WEAR are getting better about highlighting some positives--but we still have a fringe element "newsblogger" who HATES the school district and will report anything negative that he can cobble together into a "story"--hey, he thinks he's Bob Woodward I guess...