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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A.A. Dixon Corrective Action Plan Submitted--Many Questions Remain Un-Answered...

The corrective action plan requested of A.A. Dixon Charter School has been submitted to the Escambia County School Board.

Some aspects of the plan seem to have merit, while some parts seem optimistic at best, unrealistic at worst.

Members of the school board have also been given a copy of the less than stellar review of A.A. Dixon submitted by the DOE after a recent site visit by personnel from Tallahassee.

On a brighter note, many of the debts carried over from last fiscal year by A.A. Dixon have been forgiven--but the list of what was forgiven leads to more questions.

What was LuTimothy May invoicing A.A. Dixon Charter School $6,000.00 dollars for in the first place?

Why was Friendship Missionary Baptist Church invoicing A.A. Dixon over $2,000.00 for?

Many other questions come to mind, including the proposed new contract signed by A.A. Dixon agreeing to pay 11% of their FEFP revenue to an out of state education contractor--can A.A. dixon really afford to do this?

The district staff will be addressing their concerns this Friday at the regular monthly School Board workshop, at which time individual board members will have the ability to ask questions and seek answers from those who are running A.A. Dixon.

It should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Why exactly is it that you appear to be out to sabotage this school? I have yet to read one positive thing that you have to say about it. The teachers and staff are working extremely hard to accommodate for these children and have their best interests at heart. It seems as if the GLA is your only interest in Escambia County and that is unfair and biased. How can you judge a school that you have never spent any time in to see exactly what goes on there?

Jeff Bergosh said...

I am not out to sabotage any school and I am the biggest supporter of charter schools you will find between here and Tallahassee. this said, I simply cannot overlook the numerous glaring issues this school has both financially and academically. And to your other point, I have stated in the media on numerous occasions that I believe the new principal at Dixon was a good decision and she seems exceptionally well qualified.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about comments made by you in reference to A.A. Dixon Charter, and none of these comments have been in a positive light. I have visited this school on many occasions and was very impressed by how the children were treated by the faculty and staff, and more so with the administration. I feel that you have built a personal platform to uplift the GLA, and turned this into a witch hunt against all those who have faith in Dixon Charter. What do you have to gain from GLA's success? and more so from Dixon's closing? Whatever grudges you and other school board members are holding against last year's administration should be put aside, because the new principal has nothing to do with it. At the end of the day this is still a school in Escambia County, and they deserve a fighting chance like every other school here. After all Escambia County is not the greatest county in Florida, to where they can look down their noses on anyone! I remember opening a paper not to long back when this county's name was being dragged through the mud, but somebody gave you guys a chance! So, why can't you all help this school instead of constantly criticizing them? My last question to you is this, of the charter schools you support from here to Tallahassee, how many of them are predominantly black?

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that you can focus so much on GLA and be so positive about it but when it comes to their Head Administrator and the situation that she had, you just swept that under the rug. Why is that so? You want to put down the new administrator and faculty at A.A. Dixon without giving them any kind of chance, and a time line with constant ridicule about things being done instead of trying to HELP them. Have you been to the school to see what it's like or offer any minimal assistance? Escambia School Board Members suck, because they only help the schools that they want to, and they target a school that they don't like and they do whatever they can to scrutinize it. Why can't the district be fair with all the schools and stop being so black and white about them, and work together to make our district a better place for all of the children in Pensacola can be productive and on the same level. If it really was about the children, you and the board would pull together and not give up as your fellow board member Mr. Boone stated.