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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"We CAN Handle the Truth!"

Colonel Nathan Jessup screamed famously—“You Can’t Handle the Truth” in the climax courtroom scene from the movie “A Few Good Men”.  He screamed and yelled as he decompensated in the witness stand under oath, ultimately incriminating himself through his actions and statements.
As a member of the school board, sometimes I feel like Jessup’s character except that I want to scream—“We CAN handle the truth—give us the WHOLE truth and ALL the information”
I’ve complained in the past about not getting information in a timely manner, and lately communication and information had started to improve (so I thought).
But two recent events (agenda items presented with incomplete backup) have me concerned that we are not getting everything we require to make decisions that are important.  I’m simply not going to vote to approve important recommendations unless I have everything I need to make an informed, rational decision; and I’m not going to play  Detective Frank Colombo,

Magnum PI,


Jim Rockford,--- in an attempt to get information, either.  I should not have to be a super sleuth or beg for information, and I’m not going to  do it anymore.

I am going to work with the superintendent, the internal auditing department, our house attorney, and the investigations branch of HR to find the best way to get all board members ALL pertinent information on student discipline and employee recommendation items before the meeting at which these items are presented for board action.

Seems like a reasonable request right?

Otherwise, I’ll simply have to vote no on these items, move to table them to a date certain due to insufficient information, or get mad like Col Jessup. 

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