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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Budget and Millage Rate Picture Improving for 2013

After what can be best described as an austere outlook  (particularly on the maintenance side of the ledger) was presented to the School board last Tuesday-today's news was quite welcome.  The budget outlook, while still not great, is improving.  The below email was sent to board members yesterday afternoon:

"Based on certified tax roll and millage rates of the 2nd FEFP calculation:

The district is in position to levy the full 1.5 mills for capital outlay without advertising a "Notice of Tax Increase" as total mills will not exceed current year rolled-back rate.  In addition, total mills will be less than total mills of 2011-12 (including full 1.5 CO millage).

The amount of 1.5 mill capital outlay to be raised at 96% will exceed the amount proposed at the budget workshop by $2.8M.  Budget details will be revised for Monday to approve for advertisement."

Terry St. Cyr
Assistant Superintendent
Finance and Business Services
Escambia County School District
75 North Pace Boulevard
Pensacola, FL  32505

In addition to this email, a copy of the entire 2nd calculation was sent to board members today.  The document can be accessed here

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