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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Excellent Ruling in an Arbitration Case

Members of the School Board received the below email this afternoon referencing a big victory in a costly battle against the teachers union.  Our attorney in this matter, Mr. Leonard Dietzen, of Rumberger, Kirk, and Caldwell in Tallahassee, did an outstanding job in representing the district and having the termination of a teacher upheld.

At issue was the termination of a teacher for inappropriately contacting a 14 year old student on multiple occasions via text message. Some of the text messages were extremely inappropriate, to put it mildly.

This employee was terminated 18 months ago.  I asked if I could release the ruling and our Board Attorney said it was a public record and was okay for release.

This ruling is thirty five pages, and I must caution that some of the information is difficult to hear and disturbing--particularly if you have children in our schools.  

I find it amazing that the local teacher's union would take this case and defend it so vigorously--it is an example of this union putting their own interests and their contract and collective bargaining agreement ahead of students and student safety--- It really is that simple.   And it upsets me greatly.  In addition to putting their association and members ahead of the student in this instance--because the union dragged this out it will cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Disturbing on multiple levels.  

I'm glad the union lost this case and will be eating the associated legal costs for the defense of this former employee.

They knew what this guy did, they read the text messages-- they should have passed on defending this one.....

From:Donna WatersTuesday - July 17, 2012 1:18 PM
To:Goshorn, Sharon; School Board Members; West, Linda;
CC:Dietzen, Leonard; Scott, Alan; Thomas, Malcolm
Subject:Excellent Ruling in an Arbitration Case
Attachments:aydelott.ruling.pdf (1906 KB)[Open] [Save As]

Good Afternoon:
We just received a ruling in the William Aydelott arbitration matter. Mr. Dietzen represented the District in this matter; he should be congratulated for getting an excellent result, upholding the teacher's termination. I have forwarded the ruling to the members of the FSBAA, and I anticipate that it will be quoted in similar cases statewide.
I am attaching the ruling for your information. 

Donna Sessions Waters
General Counsel
Escambia County School Board
75 North Pace Boulevard
Pensacola, Florida 32505

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