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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“We Need More Programs and Resources!”: Warrington Middle School Part I-Facilities

“We need more programs and resources!”This is one of the things I have heard from some in the community ---and have read a lot about in the press--- about why a school is or is not successful.  Programs and resources do not a successful school make, though. Families, parents, and students working together with the teachers make great schools! While one middle school across town has no Gymnasium and no paved track for athletics, in addition to other significant facility deficiencies, We have spared NO EXPENSE on facilities at Warrington. The School Board has expended nearly 6.5 $Million at Warrington Middle School on significant renovations and additions over the last 5 years, including the following:

Aug. 07 - Aug. 08 - Warrington MS Renovate and Expand School Cafeteria, Additions and Renovations to the School Campus, and Elevator Installation - Bid Award Architect - $368,687.00 Contractor - $1,671,168.23 Project Total - $2,039,855.23

Aug. 07 - June 11 - Warrington MS Gymnasium - New Construction - Bid Award Architect - $162,308.00 Contractor - $2,205,901.00 Project Total - $2,368,209.00 2008 -

Track, Tennis, and Play Court Resurfacing - Various Schools - Bid Award Warrington MS - $6,785.00 

2009 - Security Access Control - Various Schools - Bid Award Warrington MS - $10,000.00

2011 - Safety Repairs - Various Schools - Bid Award Warrington MS - $38,000.00 

2011-12 - Weight Room Renovations - Capital Crew Warrington MS - $790.06

Current project not yet completed: Sept. 11 - Present - Warrington MS Technology Suite - New Construction, Elevator - New Construction, Admin/Core Facilities - Renovations & Addition, Canopies - Sitework, Intercom Upgrades, and Technology Upgrades - Bid Award Architect - $197,315.00 Contractor - $1,449,620.79 FF&E - $163,623.21 Computers - $43,654.08 Extras to include - Networking (VT & Dell), Carpet, Moving & Storage, etc. - $72,121.11 HVAC Controls Upgrades - $40,382.00 Total project to date - $1,966,716.19 

Total of all projects listed : $6,430,355.48 Additionally – $115,000 was spent to renovate and purchase equipment for the Warrington Flight Academy.

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