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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“We Need More Programs and Resources!” Warrington Middle School Part II-Staff Dollars

“We need more programs and resources!”--this is one of the big things I have heard from some in the community --and read in the press-- about why a school is or is not successful.  Programs and resources do not a successful school make, though! Families, parents, and students working together with the teachers make great schools!

Other area schools could have benefited greatly from additional monies for staff incentive pay and additional personnel-however many of these other schools do not get these resources.  We have spared NO EXPENSE at Warrington in this area, though. Warrington Middle School has benefited in tremendous fashion over the last few years with respect to staffing and performance pay; over the last 5 years, the district has spent, over and above the traditional allocation for Warrington Middle School, more than $2Million dollars on staff bonuses, extra personnel, extra administrators, behavior coaches, etc. etc. etc. A large portion of the money has come through School Improvement Grants, with annual total SIG expenditures at Warrington clocking in at $642,000 over the last few years. See the documents here and here.


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