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Saturday, March 8, 2014

War on School Choice Part III: Obama Destroys Opportunity Scholarships in DC-Kills Two Birds With One Stone

Although some districts are allowing more students and parents expanded school choice, and this is a good thing, other areas are shutting down opportunity scholarship programs that benefit minority students.  Barack Obama has shut down the opportunity scholarship program in Washington DC that successfully moved primarily African-American students from failed public schools into private schools (saving taxpayers 50% on tuition in the process-DC public schools currently spend nearly $30K per student per year!) for reasons that are purely political.  Obama and the Washington Elites-Black and White- Sends their own kids to exclusive private schools like Sid Well Friends--but apparently these same elitists don't want the poor kids to have the same opportunities.  What a bunch of hypocrites.  Research has shown the opportunity scholarship recipients in DC had a graduation rate 21% higher than their traditional school peers--the program was working for poor minority children.  Interesting that Obama would kill a program that directly benefits minority students on the one hand, then simultaneously start a program (At a cost of $200M) to benefit ONLY minority students on the other.  The opportunity scholarship program was inclusive- open to all races- but primarily served African Americans;  Obama's new program is exclusive-serving only "young men of color."  A nuanced distinction, but why be exclusive and not inclusive, Mr. President?  What about poor white young men? Yes, there are poor, young, troubled white people too! (Apparently Obama did not read this) But I digress.

Is this killing of opportunity scholarships Obama's acquiescence to the powerful nationwide teachers unions to the detriment of minority kids, while "My Brother's Keeper" is the left-handed, consolation prize given directly back to  only minority kids?  Is This Obama's way to kill two birds with one stone? Too many questions......

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