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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Terik Miller Injunction Denied by Judge Ross Goodman

The Millers' request to have their son Terik reinstated as an eligible player was denied by Judge Ross Goodman this afternoon.  The judge's ruling can be read here.

Although the district prevailed in this case, I regret the reality that this ruling represents, being that this senior is not going to be playing football any earlier than  his FHSAA hearing on Oct. 7 at a minimum.


s.kovacs said...

I'd say the tragedy, if I understand correctly, is that since this arbitrary rules are in place to prevent students from attending schools they want to attend--the result being is that if this senior doesn't play this year--he can't accept a scholarship he was offered. Is this incorrect? Also, I'm extremely confused by Judge Goodman's conclusion regarding sportsmanship. I don't recall any allegations of unsportsmanlike conduct against this young man. Wow, am I missing something here?

Jeff Bergosh said...

S. Kovacs, I'm not sure how the scholarship eligibility works, but it is a HUGE tragedy that these students are not back out on the field with their teammates. These are the ones that are caught in the middle. My understanding of the ruling was/is that he could not make the call, it would not have been appropriate, until the appeals process is worked through the FHSAA--that's my understanding of the way that went.