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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Welcome to Conesville!

I’ve been contacted recently by a concerned parent regarding drop-off/pick-up issues at Cordova Park Elementary School.  Unlike other district elementary and middle schools that have very prescriptive protocols for drop-off and pick-up—Cordova Park allows the option for parents to drop-off and pick-up by waiting in a long car rider line at the beginning and end of school ---OR ----they allow parents to park and walk the students up to school in the morning and then pick these same students up at the end of the day at the flag pole area of the school.

So some parents wait in the car rider line and some parents park and walk their children to and from school.

But the neighbors don’t like the parents parking in front of their houses.

Last year, the closest neighbor put cones out in the street in front of her house to discourage the parents from parking there—even though the street is a public thoroughfare and the homeowner really does not have the right to do this…

This year, the two next closest neighbors have joined in.  So now parents have to walk further in the rain, heat, or other conditions, due to neighbors installing “cones.”  Three houses now have made this street look like “Conesville”.  What will it be next year, 10 houses?  More?

One parent simply moves the cones into the corresponding yard, and parks there anyway.
“It’s not their street, we can park here if we want to” he has stated.

But that could lead to trouble with the homeowner if the parents and homeowner tussle over this issue.
It could lead to “cone-rage”

Meanwhile, the school has not addressed the issue, and neither has the PPD, who have been noticed that the homeowners are creating a street lined with cones, potentially constricting the flow of traffic illegally.  I wonder why the PPD won’t simply ask these homeowners (or, technically, tell them) not to do this.

Looks like an issue that will have to be addressed by the school, PPD, and the neighbors in question….

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Lorraine said...

Jeff, I have to be honest. The way you wrote this sounds like it's from the Onion. lol